What are the major facts about Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a medical term used for plastic surgery of the nose. This procedure is commonly performed to enhance the function as well as the appearance of the nose. This surgery is also known as a “nose job”. This surgery was first  carried out by an Indian physician named Sushruta who is known as the “father of plastic surgery”. He used this technique to reconstruct the noses that were removed as a punishment of different crimes. These days, it is in use for aesthetic reasons around the world and people of Toronto are making use of this surgical method.  There are a number of experienced and skilled surgeons in Toronto for this type of surgery. It is due to these facts that rhinoplasty Toronto is well renowned around the world. Not only is this  blepharoplasty Toronto i.e. the surgery of eyelids well addressed here in this great city of Toronto. In other simple words, blepharoplasty Toronto and rhinoplasty Toronto both are well addressed in Toronto and one who needs any of these surgeries must visit this city for the best results. This underlined article will focus on the rhinoplasty Toronto only.

Let us discuss rhinoplasty surgery briefly. Whenever rhinoplasty is performed, the dorsal bone is reduced followed by resetting as well as refinement of nasal tip cartilage. This surgery is done with the help of local or general anesthesia. Incisions made during the surgery are inside the nostrils and sometimes tiny incisions are also made on the skin separating the nostrils. What the surgeon does separates the soft tissues of the nose and then reshapes the bone as well as cartilage. Rhinoplasty Toronto is one of those procedures where little pain is associated after the surgery and only requires one to two weeks for recovery. If there are external sutures, then they are usually removed after 4 to 5 days of the surgery. External cast is commonly removed three to five days after surgery.

Swelling usually can take up to six months to a year to go down and bruising usually will start to fade after two weeks. The patient may also feel shifting and setting of the nose for the first year.

In 2010, over 250 thousand people had Rhinoplasty surgery, hence Rhinoplasty Toronto, is one of the more popular surgeries in Toronto.  Find is an experienced and skilled facial plastic surgeon in Toronto is key to achieving great results.

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