Non-surgical Nose shaping

Have you ever consider nose surgery and was afraid of surgery.  Some of my patients do not like their nose, but are afraid of surgery. One popular alternative is using injectable fillers Toronto, such as Juvederm Toronto, Voluma, or Radiesse.  User a filler can augment low nasal dorsums, correct crooked noses, balance asymmetrical tips as a result of a previous rhinoplasty Toronto, and fill up depressed nasal spine area which is at the junction of the collumella part of the nose and the upper lip. These are the common areas that can be augmented. This is especially true in Asian and African American patients who do not want surgery at this time of their life. This procedure is done in the office and patients experience very minimal pain.  Juvederm Toronto has freezing built into it hence patients find it almost painless. Patients usually walked out with minimal if any bruising and we asked them to return in two weeks in case further injections may be needed.

Injectable fillers are not permanent, but can last up to 18 months before further injections are required. Juvederm Toronto will dissolve out faster. At that time, consideration of surgery or further injections can be made by the patient or continue with injectable fillers.

Patients wanting injectable rhinoplasties are very busy and do not want the time off required by surgery. Following injectable rhinoplasty, patients are usually socially acceptable that night if they don’t bruise.