Many people are bothered by moles that they have showing on their face. There are many different types of moles, some are dark while others are flesh coloured, a mole can be flat or it can be large and floppy with a stock. For men these moles can cause shaving problems if the moles are located in a bearded area and a lot of women simply find them unattractive.


Each and every person is different when it comes to moles, some people have 1 or 2 of them while other people who have inherited a specific gene from thier parents can have multiple moles. For some people moles can be a distinguishing feature, such as movie stars and models like Cindy Crawford, in fact if you go back to the movies of the 1920’s you can see that moles were looked at differently and for some people were considered attractive.



If you happen to be someone who is unhappy with the way a mole on your face looks than you may want to consider having your mole removed. The best way to go about removing an unwanted mole is to us a radiofrequency to shave the mole down to skin level, this is a technique that will remove the mole without leaving any kind of scarring which is particularily important if the mole is located in the nose area.


The radiofrequency technique is most effective on moles that are at skin level and are skin coloured, this accounts for about 90% of moles, because it will remove the mole without leaving any kind of scar. The base of the mole will still remain but it will be virtually invisible and about 5% of moles will grow back requiring the radiofrequency procedure to be performed a second time.

The other procedure for removing moles is to cut them out, but this procedure will leave behind a scar everytime so for moles that appear on the face of a patient it is not usually recommended.