Facelift versus injectable fillers

As we age, everyone now knows that we lose the skins elasticity and we start to sag. This occurs in women in their late 40s and in men a decade afterwards. However, another problem does occur, and that is the lack of fat in the face specifically the cheeks initially. Everyone can remember their grandparents who have large linear indentations often medically referred to as “malar grooves”. What has happened is that there is excessive sagging of the cheek area, but greater loss of fat in the center of the cheeks.

Women in their late 40s will often slow this aging process by injection of fillers into the cheek mounds. Hyaluronic acids such as Juvederm or Voluma are often used. In some patients the volume loss is greater than the sag. In these cases cheek augmentation will often prevent the early necessity of a facelift. However injectable fillers such as Juvederm Toronto do not correct problems in the neck as neck problems usually require surgery from correcting the two vertical bands in the neck or excessive fat.

The correct diagnosis of which technology to use will depend on the assessment by someone who does both injectable fillers and surgical technique. Facial plastic surgeons deal solely with the face and are a good recommendation.