What one should know about Facelift Toronto?

The effects of aging are inevitable with brow and forehead areas showing the first signs.  The skin will lose its elasticity with aging and the environment factors such as the sun and wind and the pull of gravity will all affect how we look.  Some of the popular surgical cosmetic procedures in Toronto include, blepharoplasty Toronto, brow lift Toronto and facelift Toronto.

The purpose of this article is to provide more information on how to look your best and feel your best at any age. Blepharoplasty Toronto, Brow lift Toronto and facelift Toronto are common procedures performed in Toronto even among people in their thirties.

The facelift procedure also known as rhytidectomy is commonly aimed at rejuvenating the lower face region. The purpose behind this surgery is to give improved and enhanced looks and to hide the visible signs of aging on the face as well as the neck. Facelift Toronto is facilitating in improving mid face sagging, creases below lower eyelids, creases along the nose that extend to the corner of the mouth, fallen or displaced fat. Loss of muscle tone in the lower face, loose and excess skin and fat that becomes obvious under the chin and jaw making the face of the person appear as a double chin This surgery is carried out in conjunction with a brow lift surgery address the saggy or furrowed brows while eyelid surgery rejuvenates the aging eyes.

The facelift Toronto procedure is commonly performed under TIVA (total intravenous anaesthesia) where the patient is asleep during the surgery and it can take three to five hours.  The incision of a rhytidectomy starts at the temple, goes down along the natural skin crease in the front of the ear, then up behind the earlobe and finally backwards along the hairline or into the scalp behind the ear.  Additional incisions may be required under the chin and if a brow lift is performed, there will be incisions in the scalp inside the hairline.

When undergoing a facelift Toronto procedure, one must not smoke 2-4 weeks before surgery and 2 weeks after surgery.  Pain medication will be prescribed to help with any pain or discomfort associated after the surgery.  There will be bruising and swelling of the face and eyelid region.

The risks of facelift Toronto procedures include infection, unfavorable scarring, fluid accumulation, numbness of skin, cardiac complications, bleeding and recollection of blood in the skin, repeated surgery, skin necrosis, skin discoloration, swelling, skin loss, facial nerve injury, pain and facial asymmetry.

After a facelift procedure, light makeup can be used to camouflage the scars and bruising after the first ten days.  Sleeping in an elevated position and using cold compress will help with a speedy recovery.  Your face will remain sensitive and the scars should be kept away from the sun with the use of sunscreen daily which is very important for scar healing.

The facelift Toronto procedure is intended to provide a natural youthful appearance.  The scars are usually inconspicuous with long lasting results.

For more information on facelift Toronto and the Rhytidectomy surgery please contact a facial plastic surgeon or visit www.artoffacialsurgery.com