“I Got My Daddy’s Nose!” This is a phrase a lot of young girls say when they hit that age when they really start to notice things they don’t like about their appearance.

Most women that come in to my Toronto office for rhinoplasty have inherited their father’s nose and it just isn’t what they wanted at all. It is usually a bump or wide nostrils that just don’t suit the rest of their facial features. Sometimes, however, the nasal tip is rotated inferiorly so that the nose looks “hooked”.

When looking at a young teenager with that type of nose, it is truly unfortunate as these young girls lack self-confidence even though internally they are smart and in general their over all appearance is good-looking. Once they have stopped growing, I can do a rhinoplasty procedure on them removing the features that were passed onto them by their fathers, reducing the width of the nasal tip, and rotating the nose depending on is what is required.

These changes in teenagers under 20 can make a significant improvement to the teenagers’ psychological self-esteem by giving them a nose they can actually stand to look at in the mirror. I personally have seen these young ladies come in looking dishevelled, not dressed prettily, and looking sad. Two weeks after surgery when all the bruising is gone, they are well groomed, wearing nice dresses or sweaters and skirts having gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence. The change almost is almost instantaneous. This type of surgery is very rewarding because you are making a significant change to these young girls lives and self confidence.

The surgery usually takes under two hours and there is very little postoperative pain as I do not usually pack the nose. Almost 100% of patients using ice packs around their eyes and elevating the heads of the bed for the first five days have no bruising by as little as two weeks or earlier.

Whether you are in Toronto, the province of Ontario, or Canada, every teenager who has inherited their father’s nose that just doesn’t sit right on their face should consider rhinoplasty to get the nose and looks they really deserve.