Contributing Factors to the Popularity of Rhinoplasty Surgery

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the entire world is the rhinoplasty, or nose job. It is a procedure that has existed for several decades and continuing to grow in popularity. With modern medical innovations and techniques, it is easier than ever for surgeons to complete this surgery, with much more effective results. While Rhinoplasty surgery is necessary for repairing deviated septum and certain birth defects, there are many people that simply undergo the procedure to change the shape and appearance of their nose. Today, thanks to modern technology, there are also options for a no surgery nose job, which is also quite appealing.

Significant Change

Since the nose is the most prominent feature on the face, there are many people that want it changed in some way. In many cases, a nose job can help a person have more confidence in social situations and achieve a greater sense of self-worth. When a person changes their nose’s shape, size or appearance in any way it is instantly noticeable, providing the ideal way to alter a person’s appearance without having to undergo major surgery.

Minimal Pain

The majority of patients are surprised when they learn that having rhinoplasty surgery does not cause much pain. In fact, the majority of patients are able to completely recover and manage any discomfort using anti-inflammatory medicines that are purchased over-the-counter. The most common complaint that most patients have right after the surgery is that they feel “stuffy” due to the nasal packing that is used. Once this is removed after a few days, patients are able to return to normal activities.

A Minimally Invasive Procedure

While incisions are part of any surgical procedure, modern rhinoplasty procedures and techniques have been developed to help the procedure be much less invasive. In an “open rhinoplasty” the only incision that that will be visible is a small incision located at the base of the nose. The “closed rhinoplasty” operation will keep all of the incision inside of the nostrils and is often referred to as the endonasal approach. This is the technique that is used when a patient has only requested minimal tip work. Both procedures are designed to minimize any visible signs of the procedure.

All of these factors combined have contributed to the rhinoplasty procedures popularity. However, the main reason that this procedure is so sought after is due to the fact that it is effective and a true and tried way for a person to change their appearance and increase their self-esteem.

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