Botox Cosmetic

Men and women alike can benefit from Botox treatments, however any person wishing to undergo a cosmetic procedure should be in fair health with a realistic outcome of the treatment. Although Botox is considered temporary, it lasts anywhere from three to six months depending on how long you’ve been receiving injections. Our patients find that it is hardly an inconvenience to visit our office two to four times a year for their Botox injections. In the grand scheme of cosmetic procedures, the injections are a minimal treatment compared to the more invasive surgeries available, such as the eyelid lift, brow lift, or facelift.

How much does Botox cost?

The cost of Botox Toronto varies from patient to patient. The average cost is generally $300 – $400.  Botox Cosmetic is measured in units.  Dr. Ellis charges $12 per unit and the average person requires 30 units per treatment.  When used every three to four months for a two year period, the time between treatments may lengthens as there is not such a frequent need for it.

Who can do the Botox Treatment?

An experienced physician such as Dr. Ellis or an experienced cosmetic nurse injection under the supervision of an experience physician should do the Botox treatment.

Activities including exercise and work can be safely resumed following the office visit. Steam showers as well as sauna activity are allowed twenty-fours hours following your Botox injections. Results are evident about three to fourteen days following the treatment. Dr. Ellis asks his patients to return two weeks post-treatment so he can view the results.


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