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Many of us opt for plastic surgery these days. There are certain things to be taken care of before taking this step. It is imperative that the patient has a thorough understanding of the procedure and Details

Aging Face Part 2: S

One of the “6 uglies of the aging face”  is sagging or fat protrusion.  At mid forties patients will notice the eyebrows are lower than they used to be when they were in their early 30’s. Thei Details

Aging Face Part 1: W

Dr. Ellis states there are “6 uglies of the aging face”. They are classified under facial structure and the aging skin. In facial structure, there is sagging, hollowing, and skin wrinkling while Details

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In the United States, there are plenty of cosmetic procedures one can choose if unsatisfied with personal appearance. In fact, a recent report from The Huffington Post and the American Society for A Details

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Have you ever wanted to know about your skin’s elasticity and how it changes with age? Skin elasticity is the ability of your skin to stretch and then return to its normal state afterwards. Skin el Details

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Multiple techniques to make you look younger During the consultation process often my patient would tell me that they want to look 5-10 years younger and they are not sure how they would achieve.  T Details