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Non Surgical Facelift

Often, as we get older, most of us begin to wonder how we can stop our faces from ageing. Cosmetic surgery isn’t only expensive, but it is also dangerous. After several thousands of dollars, each person my look younger, or they might not look like themselves at all. Once you’ve a facelift surgery, you cannot […]

Non Surgical Nose Job

Have you ever considered changing the shape of the nose? Many have, especially those afflicted with a big, crooked, or ‘bumpy’ nose. Like it or not, our look, our self-image, and also the way we’re perceived by other people are intrinsically connected. Perusing the interesting ‘before and after’ photos of rhinoplasty on the internet may […]

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery or Rhinoplasty — the medical term for this procedure — is a very well-known kind of elective surgery to reshape or alter the form and size of the nose. Another title for this nose plastic surgery is a nose job, nose reshaping, or nose lift and is not only for cosmetic reasons but […]

Myths, Misunderstandings and Lies About the Botox Treatment

Botox is the brand name for the drug Botulinum Toxin. Other registered trademarks in the European market are Botulinum Toxin Dysport and Azalure. Soon there will be probably another brand on the market, namely Xenomin. All of these resources can be used safely and are subject to very strict legislation applies to medicines. There are […]

How to Find a Great Plastic Surgeon

The person you choose as your surgeon for rhinoplasty in Toronto will directly impact the results achieved. When the procedure is successful, it will help you to feel more like yourself and provide you with additional confidence for the remainder of your life. However, if you wind up in the hands of a surgeon who […]

Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

While a redensity skin rejuvenation is typically not considered a medical necessity, it does provide a number of significant benefits. However, it is still surgery and it is essential to ensure that this surgery is not done at the expense of the safety of the patient. This is why patient screening is so important. If […]

Contributing Factors to the Popularity of Rhinoplasty Surgery

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the entire world is the rhinoplasty, or nose job. It is a procedure that has existed for several decades and continuing to grow in popularity. With modern medical innovations and techniques, it is easier than ever for surgeons to complete this surgery, with much more effective results. […]

Are You A Candidate For Botox Injections?

Botox injections in Toronto offer a quick and effective way to minimize the look of deep wrinkles and fine lines on the face. This treatment is ideal for anyone who has become unhappy with the way that the natural aging process has affected their appearance. While this treatment is desired by many, it is important […]

The Plastic Surgery FAQs

How long do the effects last? Every procedure is different, and the length of the effects is therefore varied for each. However, the results for most plastic surgery procedures will last long, as long as the patient maintains a healthy diet and watches  their weight. How soon does one return to normal activity? Again, the […]